Why Choose Ameritel?


Our partners share a combined 75 years of telecom experience – and we share that expertise with the rest of our team on an ongoing basis. Each of our employees, including your dedicated tech, undergoes constant training on the most current systems.


You will always get personal attention. That's our promise to you. Not only that, but we'll never compromise. You will receive the best possible labor and solutions on every project. Serving you is our desire – and pleasing you is our commitment.


With the Star2Star phones and systems we offer, you get unmatched quality. G.729a call compression lets your system handle 3 times as many calls with better voice sound. When disasters strike, Star2Star telecom solutions stay online.


Sometimes, problems come up. When they do, we'll be the first to know. Our Star Alert system continuously monitors the StarBox included with your phone and data service. In case of an issue, we are immediately notified – usually before the customer even notices a problem. That's 24/7/365 support.


We earn our reputation one customer at a time. This means that each one of our clients benefits from the same high standard of honesty, fair pricing, excellent work, and satisfaction guarantee. We do what we say we'll do. No matter the cost.