Trust. Honesty. Doing what we say we'll do, at any cost. These are the values we put to work for you. From the person who answers the telephone to your dedicated support tech, each member of our team at Ameritel seeks to give you the best service you'll ever receive. Scroll down to learn more about the backbone of your phone and data system. The people below are the best of the best in Chattanooga business telecommunications.
I’ve been in the industry for over 34 years, and founded Ameritel in 2009. I first received telecom training in the United States Air Force, and I later used those skills to become the youngest field service engineer in RCA, the leading telecom company in the nation at the time. Now, I oversee all operations of the company, using my experience to manage accounts, help with sales, and oversee office admin.

Greg Austin

I’ve been a technician since 1999, and I just got started with Ameritel and Star2Star in 2017. The main thing I’ve always been good at is fixing things. Give me a problem, especially tech-related, and I’ll have it solved in no time. When it comes to technical duties, I do it all; from pulling and terminating wire to troubleshooting, programming and doing sound engineering. I find a good balance between being a “tech guy” and being a friendly go-to for customers.

Jason Coffey