Small Business Video Surveillance Systems

As a professional small business video surveillance system installer, we’ve worked hand in hand with hundreds of business owners just like yourself. In every industry you can imagine, every business can benefit from a dedicated, dependable video surveillance system.

As you well know, the owner has a lot of responsibility. Your small business is yours to protect. That includes safety or theft. For example, you know what it’s like to get home for the evening – only to turn right back around and check on an alarm or lock a door that was left open. However, those issues and others can be mitigated by a reliable video surveillance system. You should be able to check on your business from anywhere in the world. No additional trips, no worry.

small business video surveillance

Small Business Video Surveillance Challenges

A good small business video surveillance system can help address these security and property concerns:

  • Protect your premises
  • Discourage forced entry
  • Keep employees honest
  • Encourage good safety practices
  • Reduce theft and material loss
  • Ease your liability burden
  • Deter loitering and trespassing

Video Security for Greater Peace of Mind

There are numerous examples of when video surveillance can deliver peace of mind. If an alarm is triggered, instead of driving back to your business or having another employee scope out the area, you can quickly tap into your video surveillance system from your mobile device to see if it’s anything serious that requires immediate action. Other examples including knowing that your system is working properly, that your employees are doing their jobs and that the cameras really are acting as a deterrent against crime and frowned-upon behavior.

State-of-the-art Video Surveillance Systems

Through Ameritel, you can outfit your small business with high-definition (HD) security cameras. HD resolution supplies crisp images with high detail. That level of clarity can serve as conclusive evidence in case of a crime on your property. However, lower-quality cameras don’t offer the same results. Because it’s important to plan ahead, we always recommend an HD small business video surveillance option. In addition, we outline other options for you to choose from.

Get back to your sweet spot – running your small business. To that end, let us use our professional expertise on your behalf. We can examine your property and review your challenges, then recommend the best video surveillance system for you. Request your free quote online or learn more details here today.