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What Is Hybrid Architecture?

Hybrid architecture is an innovative and highly beneficial way of designing a communications solution. Hybrid architecture combines aspects of on-premise and hosted VoIP solutions to get the best features of both without the limitations of either.

Traditional phone systems require direct copper-wire connections between the phone making a call and the phone receiving the call. Over time, this system grew to include millions of connections. The “public switched telephone network,” or PSTN, was the foundation of the communications industry in America for over 100 years. Because the PSTN demands physical connections, companies that require more than a few lines typically need an on-premise private branch exchange, or PBX.

Since Internet bandwidth has become faster, cheaper, and more widespread, many different providers have experimented with “voice over Internet protocol,” or VoIP, technology. VoIP phones transmit calls over the Internet rather than over copper-wire connections. Most VoIP providers are exclusively hosted, which means that everything they do is done in the cloud, with minimal hardware stored on-premise.

Hybrid architecture extensively utilizes the cloud but also maintains some on-premise hardware and services. The primary on-premise component of Star2Star’s Hybrid architecture is the StarBox® Voice Optimized SD-WAN , and the primary cloud-based component is the Constellation™ Network. On-premise PBX, hosted VoIP, and Hybrid architecture systems are very different from one another in a number of ways.