This video provides 5 compelling reasons why you should consider switching to Unified Communications. The age of voice over copper is coming to an end, and many are looking to make the switch to Unified Communications and Voice over IP, also known as “VoIP.”

Some challenges many VoIP solutions experience are is the lack of quality of service, many require expensive MPLS networks, and they don’t provide an extensive suite of applications. Luckily, Scalable Cloud Communications Solutions from Star2Star is a faster and more flexible solution that increases employee productivity and saves you time and money.

Star2Star uses a unique, award-winning Blended Architecture that combines the highest quality and most reliable voice solution with a full suite of Unified Communications features, including 12-party videoconferencing, instant messaging, mobility, fax, contact center capabilities, and CRM integration. There are many business benefits to unified communications. Your business or small business will benefit from these top 5 reasons to switch from your current, outdated communications solution.