5 star review  The staff has been so friendly and helpful! Anytime we've had questions or needed adjustments made they've been more than happy to help. 10/10 customer service, we love them ?

    thumb Amelia Brown

    5 star review  Really amazing service at a competitive price for a local business. They are very dedicated to perfection and are always available no matter when I have needed them. I would definitely keep an eye on this company, if they keep up this kind of care and attention to their service they will go far and fast.

    thumb Iget Itin

    5 star review  They have always been very supportive and attentive to our needs. Wonderful people to work with!

    thumb Suzanne Hill

    5 star review  Love the service Ameritel offers, as well as their dedicated staff!

    thumb Deborah Darling

    5 star review  Smooth installation when migrating from a previous telephone system to the Star to Star platform provided by AMERITEL. Great support and a very positive solution for our needs.


    5 star review  Best teacher , made the phone system so easy to learn .

    thumb Jaclyn Brooke

    5 star review  Natasha came to train us today on our new phones and she was very hands on and easy to understand. We now have a more efficient way of answering our inn’s important phone calls.

    thumb Jessie Cosper

    5 star review  Ask almost any business owner or manager and they'll tell you they probably have had a few phone system changes. The old saying is true, no one likes change. We recently changed our phone system & provider to Ameritel and it was a very smooth easy transition. We have 3 locations and 42 phones among all our facilities. The products, service, training and support have all been excellent. We did not have any interuption in service. Everyone including our customers likes the change. That should say it all.

    thumb Greg Peck

    5 star review  Ameritel solved SO many problems with our current phone system. It was a delight to work with such pleasant and knowledgeable support staff. They made it very easy for us. High compliments to Natasha, Jessica, and Brad.

    thumb Mike Woodlee