Hosted Phones In Fort Oglethorpe

Knowing which VoIP phone system to get can be a tough decision. And finding a reliable provider of hosted phones in Fort Oglethorpe, GA can be even more of a challenge. However, you can meet that challenge. How? By paying close attention to what your business needs most.

Besides a reliable partner, you need to choose which type of system you want. To that end, you have two major options when it comes to business phone systems. The first is a premises-based system, with all phone and routing hardware in your building. The second is a hosted phone system. That’s the one we’ll discuss in this article.

hosted phones in fort oglethorpe

Hosted phones connect to your provider through the internet. As a result, you have no need for equipment on premises. Instead, all you need are phones with a direct line in from your internet connection. The type of business that usually benefits most from hosted phones in Fort Oglethorpe is the small business. However, businesses of all sizes find value in VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phones that are hosted at an external site.

Let’s look at a few of the benefits – and challenges – of hosted phones.

How Businesses Can Benefit From Hosted Phones In Fort Oglethorpe

To invest wisely, you need to understand all aspects of any opportunity. What should you consider as you decide how hosted phones can work for your business?

1. Benefits & Features

The best way you can learn if a hosted system will work is to compare it against any provider’s on-site system. If important features are missing from the hosted version, look at another provider. Features you’ll likely need are:

  • Queues
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
  • Conferencing

Also consider whether a provider charges extra for features that are included for free in their on-site services.

2. Cost (Initial and Ongoing)

Usually, hosted VoIP phone systems cost very little up front. Installation is normally as simple as plugging in the internet connection and configuring settings. While small businesses benefit most from hosted phones in Fort Oglethorpe, even large businesses can find advantages.

Ongoing costs usually include a monthly fee per line. Because server maintenance is done by the provider, you won’t have to pay for maintenance or configuration. Talk with a specialist from Ameritel Voice & Data for answers to specific questions.

3. Infrastructure Already In Place

Do you currently connect using an older, costly system? Think about replacing it with a VoIP hosted phone provider to benefit from cost savings. However, if you want to keep your currently Time Division Multiplexing or standard phone lines, you may want to choose an on-site solution. Your new hosted phone provider should be able to set you up with interface cards.

4. Scalability

Most businesses like yours looking for hosted phones in Fort Oglethorpe are looking to the future. How will your business grow? Your phone system needs to grow with it. That makes hosted VoIP the ideal system. You can add lines as often as you need them, with no upper limit. However, if you choose on-site hosting, you’ll need to install a system large enough to handle workforce expansion.

Final Word

Getting the best phone solution can make a huge difference. You should be focused on your strengths, rather than having to spend too much time thinking about something as mundane as your phones. However, each solution is strong in some areas and weak in others. How to choose? This is where the right partner is valuable. We can help.

For more information, advice, and – ultimately – the best hosted phones in Fort Oglethorpe, call Ameritel at (423) 499-4392 or fill out our online quote form. One of our specialists will get back to you quickly.