A Telecommunications Company That Cares Featured in GoodNews Christian Magazine

September 12, 2018

Amplify Your Business.

Remember the time when rotary dial telephones were the norm? It took some major convincing in the 60’s to convert everyone to the first push button telephones. The industry has continued to develop exponentially to the point where most people now have colored touch screen business phones sitting on all their desks.
Ameritel Voice and Data offers business telephone solutions that are custom designed to fit the needs of your specific business. Modern patented design allows people to receive business calls anywhere out of the office, and always receive calls in the office, even when internet or power is out. Ameritel’s goal is to help each of their customers amplify their business with the most up-to-date communications solutions.

A Star Solution Could Take Your Business Out of This World

Ameritel Voice and Data is backed by Star2Star’s globally known name and products including their patented PC and App services. Ameritel partnered with Star2Star in 2015 and will continue to represent their award winning products and services.
“Ameritel is a top partner that we can depend on to give exemplary service to our mutual customers,” said Star2Star President Michelle Accardi. Ameritel has been a Top Ten partner two years in a row out of 624 other dealers nationwide. They work side by side with Star2Star to ensure the utmost customer satisfaction.
Star2Star, located in Sarasota, FL, offers not only the “Latest and Greatest” of Polycom and Vtech business telephones, but they add customizability and patented features that unify communications, with a 100% quality guarantee. The preferred solution for nearly all customers is the hybrid blended solution which includes a backup, on premise device that monitors the quality of the internet and the voice and data throughput. The Technology notifies Ameritel staff the moment the readings fluctuate. They normally know when their customers are having a power or internet issue long before the customer even does.

Along with offering an innovative, renowned, product, customer service is an absolute priority for Ameritel staff. It’s important for them to know their customers by name and give them individual attention. According to customers, the technicians are prompt and efficient, the Admin staff and consultants are friendly and informative.

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